First Job

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Electrical Engineering

To be frank, I already started working about 7 months ago when I wrote this post. Well, before I started forgetting my feeling and excitement getting my first job as an Engineer, I wanted to at least shared with you.hehe.. 😉

I graduated overseas. I tried very hard to secure a job in overseas, but being an International graduate with an ordinary performance in academic, making it hard for me to be short listed.

I did manage to be called for 1 inetrview and 1 phone interview, but the the result was not as expected. I am sure all of you will went through a stage where your email mailbox full of email with the sentences “We are sorry to inform you..”,”We will keep your CV/resume for the next opening in the company..”. These are some of the regular sentences used if your application are being denied. I know.. I know.. it can be quite depressing.

At last, I decided to try my luck in my home country, Malaysia. Yeah, being a local with a overseas university’s certificates does gives you advantages. I managed to went into 2 interviews session and I choose to work in Kuala Lumpur as I wanted to explore the Oil and Gas Industry. My first position is as Project Engineer. I felt really happy and excited to start this journey. A new chapter of my life has begun and I am officially employed!haha.. 😉


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