Illumination Calculation

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Electrical Engineering

One of the first task given to me is to do the Illumination Study. This study is to calculate and determine the number of lamps needed and the power required by the designated areas.

As the client for my project is PETRONAS, I need to refer to Petronas Technical Standard (PTS) in order to design the lighting according to their standard. In PTS, it explained what PETRONAS are expecting from the study.

Different areas at the platform will be having a different average lux required.

To carry out the task, I have been using CHALMLITE v4.05. This is an open source software, you can download it free from the website. We could calculate lux easily rather by using this software and save a lot of time rather than doing a manually calculation. The average lux are differ depending on the type of lamps that being used. There are lots of option such as fluorescent, floodlight and well-glass.

After obtaining the desired average lux, we also need to make sure the ratio of our lighting. In my case, PETRONAS need to ratio to be 0.25

I’ll find sometime to put the actual report in the web in my next post. 😉


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